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Saeed Abedini, Iran
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Wenxi Li & Lacheng Ren, China
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Chhedar Bhote, Napal
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March 14, 2014 Yesterday the American Center for Law and Justice ACLJ sent an email alert regarding imprisoner Christian pastor Saeed Abedini. Abedini has suffered injuries because of beatings sustained in prison and was taken to a hospital two weeks ago. However, two days ago the muslim guards abruptly came to his room, shackled him and took him back to prison without the surgery he needed. After immense outcry globally, the Iranian government has reversed course and returned him to the hospital. No word yet on when the surgery may be. Saeed Abedini was arrested in 2012 for meeting with underground Christian churches in Iran while there to build an orphanage.


Globally radical bigotry against Christians has spread rampantly. In February, we reported that Australian ChristianJohn Short was arrested while on vacation in North Korea for possessing Christian literature. In December, we reported that Wenxi Li and Lacheng Ren were arrested and sentenced to prison in China for opening a bookstore with Christian literature. In Napal Pastor Chhedar Bhote Lhomi was arrested and sentenced to 12 years in prison for eating beef. Bhote Lhomi was pastoring a church in Napal when Hindus became outraged over him eating beef.


In the U.S. little has been said by president Barak Obama or his minion John Kerry regarding the imprisonment of American citizen Saeed Abedini. Many Leftists who claim to champion human rights have turned a blind eye to the bigotry against those of the Christian faith. Civil Rights leaders Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson have said nothing of the human rights abuses publically regarding Abedini and others like him. Meanwhile the Southern Poverty Law Center SPLC labels groups like the American Family Association because they promote traditional values in American culture, which are oft times in opposition of the gay activist movement in the nation. This attitude among the left has left many wondering if they truly champion human rights, or if bigotry is even at the heart of liberals in America.


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