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Human Rights Dead In America; Leftists, Extremist Bigots Hypocritical and Silent

December 13, 2013 - Over the past year news of U.S. citizen Saeed Abedini’s arrest in Iran has blanketed the airwaves. Voice of the Martyrs’ website lists many other prisoners around the globe who are jailed, not because of criminal law, but because of their faith in Christianity. However leftist organizations such as Southern Poverty Law Center fail to call out extremists of the muslim faith in their blows to human rights around the world.

Here in America the past two presidents have specifically called islam a religion of peace. Yet around the globe and here in America that has proven to be false. A glimpse of websites documenting human rights violations reveals that people are routinely imprisoned, tortured and murdered because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Asia Bibi has been in prison in Pakistan since 2009 because, when questioned by villagers of her religion, she said she was a Christian. In China others are routinely arrested because of their faith.

Wenxi Li, a bookstore employee in Taiyuan (central China) was arrested for his faith. Many others like Wenxi Li, Saeed Abedini and Asia Bibi have been imprisoned around the globe. Yet Leftists, who claim to champion human rights, turned their backs on these issues. Why? Evidentially because of their Christian faith.

Humanism is a religion of irreligion that has spread globally. Humanism does not acknowledge religion and typically views those who do as subjective and stupid. When issues regarding terrorism are raised, humanists struggle to deal with them. Because much of the human rights violations globally involve religion – typically islam against any other religion – humanists do not understand how to explain the intricate issues. If it cannot be explained via socio-economic issues, then humanism is powerless to deal with it because humanism does not acknowledge religion.

Past presidents such as Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and specifically Barak Obama have displayed huge tendencies toward being humanists at heart. Even former politician Hillary Clinton appears overtly to subscribe to humanism as her system or religion of life.

Because present leadership has subscribed whole heartedly to humanism, bigotry against those of religion, specifically Christianity is being displayed. Bigoted organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center are overtly biased against those of traditional Christian values. The SPLC even calls those who against abortion or have patriotism toward America persons of concern.