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Winter 2012-13 Preliminary Outlook: Is A Harsh Winter Ahead?
October 5, 2012 - Winter this year may prove to be a hard one for the south and the eastern United States. Several weather channels on the net have described the setup for what could prove to be a harsh and cold winter for 2012-13. As one forecaster said, "it's difficult enough to give an accurate seven day forecast, yet alone predicting three or four months down the road."
The map below gives a summary of what three or forecasters have said could potentially occur his winter. A weak El-Nino system has begun which will allow the easter U.S. to cool. A trough in the west will keep temperatures mild in that half of the country, but the weak El-Nino could allow a dip in the jet stream, allowing frigid air to pour downward toward much of the south. With a split stream across the lower half of the nation, moisture could be pulled in from the gulf of Mexico resulting in ice storms in several states. Other areas could see a mixture of snow and ice while the eastern seaboard would see large amounts of snow.
Time will tell and future forecasts are still to come. The National Weather Service will not issue its winter forecast until November, so between now and then, you might want to get the old generator out and give it a test run.
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