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2014-15 Winter Forecast: Welcome Back To The 1980's

In searching the web's best meteorologists it appears that winter 2014-15 could bring weather reminiscent of that of the 1980's. While global warming alarmists have changed their theme to "climate change" in order to hide mistakes in predictions, it appears the climate cycle is now back to similar patterns of decades past. So is this normal?

Amateur - or HAM - Radio operators study weather cycles, solar cycles and solar activity in order to take advantage of situations that enhance their broadcast signals. Some of these operators have researched solar and weather activity since the 1800's and find that nothing is unusual about the weather patterns here on earth.

"What we do here on earth does not affect the sun, nor its cycles" one operator told Lomax Report. "However, the sun definitely affects everything about the earth. And solar activity from year to year will alter our weather. Nothing unusual from a research standpoint."

Each decade is different, and taking a look through the 1970's and '80's you can see that winter weather was all over the place. Tornados in late December, ice in January and February along with dry winters, wet winters, and snowy winters. Similar to what is predicted for this winter. So what is in store? Its still early to say with absolute certainty but so far the consensus appears to be "interesting".

Like the early 1970's and early 1980's it
looks like much of the U.S. will see low
temperatures. The north-east will be cold
as usual, but the south and parts of the west/
south-west will be cooler than usual. Now
that definitely puts "global warming"
in a chill.

Below you can see that the south will be
the "winter battle zone" as usual. However
this year temperature swings will occur as
a weak-moderate El-Nino is rearing its
ugly head and effecting weather in its
usual fashion. Nothing unusual here.

Looking at a 50 year history indicates how
a weak to moderate El Nino can effect
weather. The heart of the south will be the
winter battle zone, and the split in the jet
stream will bring more snowfall to the mid-
west and east/northeast.

No matter where you live, you may want to
have extra socks and a heavy coat handy
for this winter, because it may be a cold