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The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere A Huge Hit

October 13, 2014 – Last night The Walking Dead kicked off season five with an action filled, dramatic season premiere episode. Followers of the show no doubt loved the action and drama and were thrilled to see that all the gang made it out of Terminus ok. Teasers that aired the week preceding left many concerned that Glenn would be killed, but all the main cast made it out in good shape. And a surprise to the show is that Carol saved the day. Water cooler talk here at Lomax last season suspected that Carol would return and save the group, which proved to be correct.

The Walking Dead is the highest rated show on television and more and more fans are coming to the trough to feed on walkers, action, adventure and drama. According to reports on the internet (1 - link at bottom) the season five premiere drew 17.3 million viewers, surpassing its own record set last season. And fans consider the writing and acting to be nothing short of art. Why is the show such a hit? Following is the opinion of Lomax.

Factor Apocalypse: Apocalyptic movies have fared well in the past. Steven King’s The Stand was a mini-series on television in the 1990’s which drew good viewership and went on to success in DVD release. The Crazies was a favorite which was similar in that of the Walking Dead, where local small town citizens were turned to zombies by an accidental release of military substances. Others like The Happening, Contagion and Outbreak are similar in nature. Current world events, such as the 2014 outbreaks of Ebola and the Enterovirus cause many to see that maybe, just maybe these things could realistically happen.

Characters: The characters written into the television series The Walking Dead are readily identifiable with so many Americans. Who in rural U.S.A. hasn’t met a Daryl at the local hardware store? Daryl is the quintessential hunting, fishing outdoorsman that everyone likes. And Rick the small town sheriff? Yes, you bingo’d there too. Carol is the rural southern lady who survived a hopeless, abusive marriage and has moved on; Glenn is the reserved, shy guy next door who has had to learn his way in the world. Maggie is the country girl that every young man would like to meet. Tyreese and his sister are the neighbors down the road that everyone in the neighborhood likes. The list goes on and on. Throw in excellent writing, outstanding acting and a host of supporting crew that are top notch and you have a hit on your hands.

Small-Town U.S.A.: During the late 1980’s and into the ‘90’s rural America made an exodus to the city for opportunity to make a living. The world had changed and small farms quickly were replaced with large farms and new equipment that only required a few people to operate. Small factories shutdown as manufacturing went overseas to China and other third-world countries, exacerbating the situation and driving more and more away from rural areas. However, that tide is turning and people are returning to small towns to raise their families, and hope to reclaim a lifestyle that was left behind thirty years ago. And this is the final reason we offer as to why The Walking Dead is such as hit. The Andy Griffith Show remains a favorite largely because people identify, or want to identify, with small town U.S.A. and The Walking Dead fills that same niche.
(1) The Walking Dead Sets New Records