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The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere
October 14, 2012 - Tonight the third season of The Walking Dead premieres. In season 2 the main group in the movie had settled in on a farm and were doing quite well.... well, that is until the drama of Shane and Lori started in.
Near the end of Season 2 a favorite of the viewers, Dale, was killed off. Many fans expressed outrage on the internet at the ending of their beloved character. However the season continued with the death of Shane, who turned into a "walker" - zombie to me and you - and was eventually killed by Rick, the group's leader. Finally the zombies overran the farm forcing all inhabitants, including the owner of the farm and his daughter, to move on.
At the end of the last episode in season 2 the group settles for the evening near a prison, unknown to them.
Tonight the saga continues, as previews show, approaching the prison in what promises to be an exciting season. AMC has a hit with this series and will only benefit to keep it alive. AMC has lost viewers since becoming a commercial network, instead of a network airing classic movies as their original name suggests - American Movie Classics.
AMC began as a network airing classic old movies with a popular host, Bob Dorian, who was not a classic movie historian, but someone who "loved them all." One saving grace for the network is that a hit series such as The Walking Dead now airs. Other shows have strived for the level of quality of this show but in the opinion of The Lomax Report, have not succeeded.
Tune in tonight for the season three premiere of The Walking Dead.
-The Lomax Report