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U.N. Funds Muslim Promotional Video to Effect Culture Change; Encourages Women To Wear the Hijab

September 16, 2016 – The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has released an ad campaign aimed at promoting islam and women’s use of the hijab. Some have speculated that the campaign is aimed at asking women to wear the muslim garb in order to avoid sexual assaults, and not wear traditional women’s clothing. Sexual assults have been prevalent in Europe since the EU began importing ‘migrants’ from islamic war-torn regions. Leftists in Europe and the U.S. have branded the move as a means of ‘empowering’ women.

The concern of bringing un-vetted ‘immigrants’ from the islamic regions is that a process of ‘infiltration’ may be underway from sharia law driven groups such as ISIS. Fatah is a muslim term which means “immigrating into a country in numbers large enough to effect the culture, taking advantage of tolerant laws and accommodating policies, inserting the influence of islam. It is a slow, systematic and unrelenting method.”

Another concern is that part of the islamic culture includes ‘Thighing’, which is a perverse method practiced with underage girls by some who support sharia law. The practices of Thighing and Fatah have been identified as cultural concerns that do not fit in well in most civilized cultures. However liberal supporters have instituted a practice of Political Correctness to cover concerns identified with the islamic culture. Calls for assimilation in Europe have fell on deaf ears, as well as similar calls for assimilation in the United States.