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January 13, 2018 - Once hailed as the go-to place for open dialogue and expression of opinion and ideas, Twitter has joined the ranks of Google and YouTube in censoring free speech. Reminiscent of 1940's Germany, fascist, Leftist supporters of the Democratic party have begun banning twitter users who are supporter of Donald Trump. Some have been 'shadow banned', a practice of moving a follower into a partition so that the public is unable to view their feed, restricting it only to that user and their particular followers.


Project Veritas, a group that exposes corruption has released video evidence of an undercover operation that exposed Twitter. In the video, employees and former employees, discuss how the organization has moved against supporters of Donald Trump and conservatives on the platform.


Since Donald Trump soundly defeated Hillary Clinton, Leftist extremists, including Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, fascist terror groups, have taken extreme measures. Actions of the groups include looting, rioting, assault, kidnapping and more. Other organizations, such as Twitter, have handled the extremist groups with kid-gloves and joined the assault against conservatives by censoring free speech.

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