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March 30, 2016 – Today Donald Trump defended his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, against charges of battery filed by reporter Michelle Fields. Fields was a reporter for Breitbart News earlier this month, reporting on a campaign speech by Trump. Following the event Fields approached Trump to ask questions, and according to some television news reports, may have grabbed Trump’s arm. At that time Lewandowski intervened. Initial reports by news agencies said that Fields claimed to have been thrown to the ground. However, she has since recanted that part of the story and is now saying that she was grabbed and pulled backward sharply, stumbling, but not falling.

Fields has produced a picture of an arm with finger shaped bruises, which she says is her arm in the photo. Following the incident Fields filed charges against Corey Lewandowski for misdemeanor battery, for which he went to the police department and was given a court date. Video from the incident has been released and does not show that Fields was pulled to the ground, and a viewing of the incident on Fox News Channel failed to show a hard snatching backward, as Fields now claims.

Following the incident Fields resigned her post at Brietbart, and the incident has been publicized greatly. Career politicians such as Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton and John Kasich have seized upon the opportunity in campaign speeches. Even though the video has been released, Cruz and Clinton alike have continued to condemn Trump for standing by his campaign manager. In a town hall on CNN last evening Trump told media that the evidence shows a different story than Fields claims, and would not just discard him for political reasons.

The incident has not played well with voters, who are weary of both the drama of the campaign season and establishment politicians playing up issues to be divisive and further political agendas. After seeing the video, comments have been made on social media that “career politicians are just muddying the waters in an attempt to assure that the status quo of both parties is protected.”

Trump Standing By Campaign Manager: Cruz, Clinton on Attack

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