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Have Republicans, Insiders Encouraged Threats Against Trump?

March 18, 2016 – Today it was reported that presidential candidate Donald Trump and members of his family have received death threats, if Trump does not drop out of the presidential race. Eric Trump received an envelope containing white powder and a note, telling him the next letter would not contain fake powder. The FBI is investigating. Amid a stormy campaign season, rhetoric against Trump has come harshly from all sides, including Republicans, leaving some to wonder if all this harshness has led to violence – the very thing that political insiders have tried to brand Trump with.

Republican insiders, including Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney have had very harsh words to describe Trump, some of which may have led to more racial unrest in the country. Democrat insiders Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have been harsh toward Trump as well. And both sides have been very divisive in their rhetoric, even play the race card with citizens of the United States.

When asked about the issue, street interviews revealed the following remarks:

“I think they gone too far to keep Trump out. It like he’s breaking their club and they have to turn people against him, and each other, even if it ain’t true (sic)” one person commented.

“For me it is disconcerting to see political insiders going to such extremes to protect their empire. The insiders are more concerned with their own power system instead of the country and its citizens. I started this election cycle supporting Sanders, but I like that Trump is not playing politics and will vote for him in the General Election. We have to get away from the insider system of governance” another person told Lomax.
Since the 1980s there have been increasing calls for more security at the border with Mexico, and even talks of building a wall. Trump has championed the issue like no politician will, which has concerned political insiders, who have strung the issue along for decades as a way of garnering votes at election time. However, those political insiders have helped to perpetrate Trump as a ‘racist’ for wanting to secure the border against illegal aliens.
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