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Donald Trump Visits Damage in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Obama, Hillary Clinton Mostly Silent

August 19, 2016 – Today, while President Obama was golfing and Hillary Clinton was ‘monitoring the situation via Twitter’, Donald Trump went to Baton Rouge, Louisiana handing out supplies to victims of extreme flooding in Louisiana. Trump and running mate Mike Pence worked with volunteers to offload a semi-trailer load of supplies. While at the location of the semi-trailer, volunteers shouted “thank you for coming.” The flooding has been described as the worst disaster since Hurricane Sandy.

Extreme rains for more than a week have sent flood waters, smothering Baton Rouge and many other parts of Louisiana, shutting down I-10. It is estimated that 40,000 homes have been damaged or lost, and over 100,000 people have been affected or displaced, while numerous citizens have died as a result of the flooding.

 President Obama has been on a two week vacation and has not had much to say about the flooding. Instead he has remained in the posh Martha’s Vineyard area, fundraising and golfing with friends. Hillary Clinton has been at home and has made no comment other than sending out a message on Twitter saying she was online, monitoring the situation. After criticism from Trump, she suddenly phoned the governor and then sent a Twitter message, saying that she had phoned the governor.

With Mike Pence by his side, the team of Trump-Pence worked with volunteers to get supplies offloaded and distributed. Last night he announced his intentions to visit the flood scene saying “when one hurts, we all hurt”, which has resonated well with those who lost all in the floods. After Trump criticized President Obama for not coming, Obama suddenly did an about face and said he will visit the area next week.

Over the past four to six weeks Hillary Clinton has blasted the airwaves of battleground states with anti-Trump ads, which have left Trump one percentage point behind Clinton. During those weeks Trump has done little more than campaign stops, which leads many to believe that he will surge greatly once he begins hard campaigning. Even with polls weighted in favor of Clinton, the cheating still has not knocked Donald Trump in the polls. And with the callous attitude that Clinton has shown in the Louisiana disaster, she is not faring well there. Pundits have been surprised at the sudden 'about face' which both Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama have done in response to criticism by Donald Trump. Both Clinton and Obama seemed to ignore victims until Trump commented on their callous behavior.