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September 1, 2016 – Last night, after a day of meeting with Mexico’s president Pena Nieto, Donald Trump gave an hour long speech on immigration policy. Over the past months Trump has worked with immigration experts and congressional officials to construct a policy which works for American citizens and those in the country legally. Trump reaffirmed that the United States would construct a wall along the southern border and step up efforts by Border Patrol agents.

Over the past twenty years the Border Patrol has been restricted from deporting illegal aliens found in the country. In the past eight years there has been a formal directorate which forbids enforcement of federal immigration laws. Local and state police agencies have said that upon discovering illegals and contacting the Border Patrol, they were ordered to simply release them. Trump said that under his administration he would enforce the law of the land. Also Trump gave a strong argument for his idea of deporting illegal alien gang members, which have been responsible for a large amount of drug trafficking and many murders across the U.S.

During the speech Donald Trump said that he felt it is important to secure the border, not only from illegal aliens, but from terrorists who would seek enter the U.S. via the border with Mexico. Over the past two years several terrorists have been discovered entering Central America with plans to travel across Mexico and sneak into the United States. This concern was mentioned following the attacks of 9/11 but have since not been mentioned by Republicans nor Democrats until lately.

In other parts of his speech Donald Trump said that he would enact strict vetting procedures for those entering from areas dominated by ISIS. Over the past year it has been discovered that ISIS and jihadist muslims said they would enter into the U. S., posing as refugees from Syria and Libya.

Over the past month Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton has been missing in action and has little to say publically. During August’s flooding in Louisiana the only statement was that she was monitoring the situation via Twitter. Clinton declined a meeting with the Mexican president yesterday and has not had a press conference in almost a year. Some speculate that Hillary Clinton is afraid that she is ill prepared to answer questions on specific issues, including concerns of the corruption she was involved in while Secretary of State. Over the past several weeks the FBI has released emails which confirm that corruption existed heavily while she was in office. However the influence of the Obama administration appears to have made the FBI afraid to recommend charges against Clinton.

During yesterday’s meeting with Pena Nieto, Trump discussed immigration concerns as well as NAFTA and other agreements. Mexico’s president said that he has deep respect for Trump despite the political rhetoric that has emerged during the campaign season. During the past month Trump has made many pre-Presidential visits around the world, including being the point person on reaching out to Louisiana flood victims. Other Democrat and Republican leaders have not been nearly as active.

Trump's work over the past two months, including the speech last evening, has had a dramatic effect on the political spectrum. During campaign rallies, many Democrats and Independents attended and spoke to news cameras, offering support for Donald Trump. Also it appears that many African Americans and Latinos are beginning to take note of what Trump has to offer, and support among those communities appears to be gaining traction. Some of Bernie Sanders’ supporters have begun a transition to supporting Trump as Clinton seems to have turned a cold shoulder toward them. Poll numbers released today show that Trump has edged ahead while Hillary Clinton is struggling to find substance, as her record has little to rely upon.