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September 5, 2016 – On Sunday hip-hop recording artist, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs told MSNBC that he felt that African Americans had been short changed by the Obama administration. In the interview Combs said that he wanted more to be done for African Americans and urged them to ‘turn up the heat’ on Hillary Clinton. Combs expressed that he believed Hillary Clinton was taking the black vote for granted.

Today a senior advisor told Breitbart that Combs was right in saying Hillary Clinton was taking the black vote for granted, which is the reason Donald Trump is getting such as good reception from African Americans. Over the past month Trump has specifically spoke to African Americans in campaign rallies, telling them that rebuilding the economy will benefit the black community. Also, over the past month, Trump has met with many African American leaders and churches, receiving their blessing on his campaign.

Since announcing his candidacy for president, Donald Trump’s campaign has steadily increased support among African Americans, Latinos and Asians. Among each of those ethnic groups leaders have expressed support for Trumps policies on economy, security and immigration, which has caused Clinton to begin flipping on issues in the last moment in order to sway voters to stay in her court.

African American supporters of Donald Trump, ‘Diamond & Silk’, have told African Americans that it’s “ok to come off the Democrat Plantation” and vote for Trump. Diamond & Silk run a very active YouTube channel called The Viewers View which has received thousands of views. The pair has also appeared on most news organizations including CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and ABC. Diamond & Silk have commented numerous times that the Democrats and insider Republicans have kept America divided, a reason they say it is important to vote for Donald Trump, because he is an outsider.

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