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DNC VP Nominee Tim Kaine: Radical Muslim, Terror Ties

September 3, 2016 – Over the past month discussions have risen, giving concern for Hillary Clinton’s choice for VP nominee, Virginia’s junior senator Tim Kaine. Reports show that Time Kaine has had ties to a radical jihadist working in the United States as a front person for a radical mosque and also an organization fronting for other muslim extremist organizations.

In 2007, while governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine appointed muslim radical Esam Omeish to the Virginia Immigration Commission. Omeish is president of the Muslim American Society (MAS) which was found in court filings by federal prosecutors to be the front organization of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. In 2012 convicted terrorist Abdurrahman Alamoudi testified that the MAS is operated by the Muslim Brotherhood, charged with making the organization appear moderate in order to gain inside support from liberals.

Esam Omesh is also vice president of a radical muslim training center, Al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Northern Virginia which is located five miles west of the Pentagon in the most Democrat controlled area of the state. A past imam of the center was Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical muslim jihadist who was eventually killed in a drone strike while planning attacks for Al-Qaeda. Also two of the 9/11 hijakers frequented the mosque where Esam Omesh is vice president and a board member.

After members of the Virginia assembly discovered the radical muslim roots of Esam Omeish they demanded he be removed from the position. However, it was only after intense pressure that Kaine removed him from the commission. A Washington Post article calling the appointment of Omeish a ‘blunder and a fiasco’ was released, and also a video was found where Omeish made radical statements about Israel and expressed his support for the ‘jihad way’. At this point Tim Kaine finally released Omesh from the Virginia Immigration Commission.

Over the past year Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has called for a temporary halt on immigrants and refugees from extremist controlled regions. Following this proposal from Trump, several career politicians, including Hilliary Clinton, Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz began name calling, saying Trump was racist for the proposal. However, in the later days of his campaign, Ted Cruz flipped on the issue and began stumping on the idea himself. Clinton has never acknowledged the need for such a ban and continues working with radical muslims. Recently it was reported that Huma Abedin had previously worked for a radical muslim publication while working as an insider in the Clinton camp.

With news coming out about the ties of radical islam to the political process in America some believe that the Fatah is in full swing. Fatah is an Arabic term which means ‘infiltration’ by which radical muslims enter a country, take advantage of tolerant, lax laws while recruiting from within and bringing more radicals in. The goal of Fatah is to infiltrate and conquer nations from within, a method in which islamic radicals seem to be using globally.