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Democrat VP Nominee Tim Kaine Avoids News Media Like Clinton

September 2, 2016 – After repeated attempts for Tim Kaine to meet with press such as Fox News’ premier morning show, Fox & Friends, he has chosen the route of Hillary Clinton to avoid the press at all cost. This morning hosts of the program said that even after personal phone calls to the Democrat VP nominee, Kaine has refused to appear. It has been almost a year since Hillary Clinton has faced the media and Tim Kaine has decided to take the same trek.

Pundits on both sides of the aisle have speculated that the Democrat pair may be struggling on how to stand on their own record when meeting with the media. Others have speculated that Hillary Clinton is struggling to find meaningful ways to slam Trump on the issues. Over the past month Clinton has steadily adopted some of Trump’s ideas in an effort to convince voters to vote for her. This week Clinton’s poll numbers have declined substantially while Donald Trump appears to be gaining traction with minority groups, including Latinos.

Sources within the Clinton camp say that she is wavering on her stand for amnesty for illegal aliens and is stumping on increasing border security. Clinton has previously not acknowledged a problem of border security and calling any push to secure the southern border as racist. However, sources say that she is beginning to flip on the issue in order to sway voters. Pundits speculate that if Clinton flips at this point, she will move back to amnesty immediately should she wind the presidency.