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December 26, 2013 - Secular Humanism, or Humanism, is a religion void of God, Jesus, or any other religious figure. The belief or “life stance” embraces human reason, ethics, social justice and philosophical naturalism, and specifically targets religious teachings, supernaturalism, or any other beliefs as a basis of morality. Humanism, while touting justice, ethics and tolerance is very intolerant and quite often bigoted against those who are of a religious faith.

Secular humanism believes that humans are not good or evil by trait, but decide their ethical stance on his or her own. It also teaches that humans are not superior to nature. Hence the rise of many animal rights activist groups, some militant and also the rise of veganism.

Secular humanism embraces a lifelong “search for truth” by constantly examining philosophy and utilitarianism, which is a doctrine that the value of an action or object is determined by its usefulness. This attitude would lead one to question if this is the basis of socialism that gives lesser healthcare to elder because they are ‘less useful’ than a young person. Because secular humanism teaches evolutionary ethics a major shift by liberals in America to “situational ethics” has occurred over the past decades.

The “happy human” logo is used by the International Humanist and Ethical Union – IHEU – as a symbol for all those who call themselves humanists. There are approximately four to five million people globally who call themselves humanists, but this belief system has had far reaching effects on culture globally. Many United Nations policies are geared to the humanist ideology and has given rise to the global mindset which threatens the sovereignty of any nation that embraces this belief system.

Humanists have entrenched themselves within the United Nations to affect a change to humanism globally. The religion of humanism sets itself above all other religions and has become overtly bigoted and intolerant over the years. A recent attack on Phil Robertson of Duck Commander by GLAAD, a humanistic organization, is but one of many onslaughts of humanism against those who have religious faith.

The hypocrisy of humanism is its embrace of naturalism. One humanistic nurse commented that “this elderly person would not have received this surgery in Europe. They would not have wasted money on someone of this age.” While it promotes itself as caring for nature and all persons, it overtly discriminates against the elderly for healthcare.

As humanism spreads globally one can expect more and more dominance from the United Nations as citizens of the United States are willing to give up sovereignty and not stand for the roots the country was founded upon. As UN power increases we can expect to see the sovereignty of nations disappearing and the rights of many to be oppressed, specifically those of religious faith, especially Christianity and those who are patriotic toward their own nation.