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March 23, 2016 – Representative Ron DeSantis said yesterday that muslim terrorists can enter the United States freely because of a flawed system. Currently a waiver program allows non-documented visitors to enter legally into the U.S., but is an issue that has been brushed aside by the current Democrat administration. The concern is that undocumented people can enter the United States without knowing why they are here or their intentions while in the country. In light of the Brussels, Belgium attacks, the issue is disconcerting.

In the same vein, another report came out showing that Republican candidate Ted Cruz is trying to adopt a recommendation from Donald Trump that would stop the flow of refugees from muslim countries where isis is dominating. Trump raised eyebrows in weeks past, saying that a temporary halt should be put in place until a better job of vetting refugees and incoming visitors is in place. At the time Cruz was a critical opponent of the idea, but now appears to be flip-flopping on the issue, in an attempt to adopt Trumps recommendation. However, recordings of past debates show that none of the current Republican candidates, including Cruz, were willing to condone Trump’s idea of a temporary halt on immigration.

Recently career politicians have flip-flopped on ideas submitted by Trump. Donald Trump suggested shutting down parts of the internet in isis controlled countries, which, at the time Cruz was an opponent. In recent days Cruz has flipped on the issue and is now for it. Also calls to deport illegal aliens have been met with harsh words by Cruz, including branding Trump as a ‘Xenophobe’ (racist). However, since Trump’s proposal, President Obama has vowed to do the same. And recent criticism of Trump’s idea of building a wall at the southern border is now being met with a flip by Cruz, who is now stumping on the idea, leaving many to wonder if career politicians will say anything to get into office.

Previous calls by Trump for tighter security in muslim communities have been met with harsh criticism by career politicians like Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Lindsey Graham. However in recent days, again, Ted Cruz has flipped and is calling for more surveillance in those communities. In the same vein as Hillary Clinton, Cruz has labeled Trump a 'xenophobe' (racist) for ideas of beefing up security of U.S. citizens. With recent polls, election and world events, Cruz is flipping on most major issues.

Lomax has conducted street interviews to gather views of citizens:

"As a lifelong Republican voter, Cruz is becoming an embarrassment" said one commenter.

"It proves that career politicians will do anything for political power. They no longer are concerned about the United States. That's why I'm going with Trump. I've voted Democrat all my life, but it's time for strength and fortitude, which Trump has" said another person randomly asked to comment.