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July 21, 2016 – Last night during the GOP convention in Ohio, Republican Ted Cruz gave a speech in which it was hoped he would, at a minimum, encourage voters to vote for Donald Trump & Mike Pence. He did not. Amid rumors that he is intending to run in 2020 regardless of the situation then, and amid pleas from the audience, he refused to offer any support to Trump or Pence, showing once again, his personal ambitions outweigh the needs of unity in the nation.

During the primary cycle Trump, Cruz and Marco Rubio sparred harshly, with Trump emerging the winner by a wide margin. However, at the convention Marco Rubio appeared via video saying the time for division was over and requested all voters to elect Trump-Pence in November. However, Cruz could not find the spine to do so. At a time when the convention seemed ripe for unity, just as Obama found the nation ripe for unity in 2008, Cruz failed to deliver just as Obama has failed to unite the nation.

Over the first three nights of the Republican convention delegates seemed to rally strongly behind the nominee, Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence. Delegates responded strongly to speeches each night from the likes of Jeff Sessions, Sheriff David Clarke and Scott Baio. Amid cheers and pleas from the crowd for unity, Ted Cruz gave a smirking grin and exited the stage. At the end of Cruz’s speech Donald Trump emerged in the arena to take a seat with his family and gave a thumbs up to the audience in reassurance that all would be OK. Afterwards many delegates and attendees commented that Ted Cruz had lost their confidence in his character as he placed personal ambitions above the need for unity in the country.

Speaker Paul Ryan, who early on had contentions with Trump, asked the crowd to support Trump and Pence in their bid for the White House. While this brought an end to much of the strife among the party, the Republican conventioneers were very much disappointed at the dismal appearance by Cruz. Time will tell if Cruz’s push for his personal ambitions will pay off as some are suspecting he has effectively ended his career by losing confidence of the American people.