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Syria Gas Attacks Revealed As False Flag

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November 26, 2019 – New information regarding the Syria conflict has come to light, including information on Syria’s supposed use of chemical weapons in their own country. In a 2013 Lomax Report article (linked here), we reported on calls for war and boots on the ground in Syria. In the article we presented information about conflicts caused by Syria blocking a natural gas pipeline across the middle east which trail-headed in Ukraine. During that era, Syria was accused of using chemical weapons against their own people, which crossed an imaginary ‘red line’ with the Obama administration. Democrats and RINOs, including some conservative voices like Tom Cotton, were calling for ‘boots on the ground.’ Since that time, Syria was accused of a chemical weapon attack in 2018, which has been revealed to be false.


On the November 25, 2019 broadcast of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson revealed leaked information from insiders which cast tons of doubt about the ‘chemical weapons attack’ in Syria. Over the past seven years, information reveals that the entire conflict in Syria was about a natural gas pipeline which would trail-head in Ukraine, leaving vast financial opportunity in the wake.


During the Obama administration, as the conflict in Syria began, administration officials became very active in Ukraine, including those close to Obama administration officials, such as Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden was suddenly cast into a position with an energy corporation in Ukraine which proved to be very lucrative.


During President Trump’s administration, work has begun to expose corruption. Accusations against Trump have grown in Democrat and RINO circles, and with his investigations of Ukraine-American corruption, calls for Trump’s impeachment have become louder. Those on the ‘inside’ of politics and lucrative deals are becoming nervous and pushing even harder against Trump and any supporter of the ‘MAGA’ movement.