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December 13, 2013 – Today Susan Rice withdrew her name from the pot in the bid for Secretary of State.
Rice said the bid had become too embattled and would be too costly to continue. Rice is serving currently
as Ambassador to the United Nations.

Rice’s controversy began following the September 11th attacks on the United States’ embassy in Benghazi,
when she made several television appearances stating that the attacks were only spontaneous demon-
strations, not attacks. She had also contributed to the misleading cover-story that blamed the attacks on a
stray YouTube video instead of terrorists. It is now known that the attacks on the embassy were actual terrorist
attacks and that the YouTube cover was only a smokescreen.

Street interviews revealed mixed reactions to Rice's decision to withdraw:

“Good, she didn’t do nothing but try to mislead the public anyhow! Her and some of them others need to go to jail for this kind of lie.”

“This is probably another bluff by political higher-ups to get what they were really after.”

“She might have been ok but she showed she was willing to lie to us all to further political ambitions.”

The Benghazi attack and response by the U.S. government have been questioned by many in congress. John McCain has vowed to continue to reveal the truth, but has been stonewalled by the office of the President. Citizens have also begun sternly questioning the actions the State Department took before the attack and also the smokescreen created by blaming the YouTube video. Many question the motives of the President and the State Department by lying to the world following a national crisis such as this. Some have expressed an eerie feeling left from the deceit of the president and state department.