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PLIGHT OF ELDERLY IN AMERICA: Once a Valued Asset, Now A Burden?

February 01, 2014 – The elderly citizens of the United States were once held in high esteem, young men and women saying “yes, sir”, “yes, ma’am” and listing to their words of wisdom as if holding a valued treasure. Now in the twenty-first century things have changed.

A nurse once told this contributor “in Europe this man would not have gotten this surgery. At his age, with no more than he has to offer, money would not have been wasted.” Unfortunately this is the attitude of many in America as the belief of Utilitarian-Humanism spreads from socialist Great Britain, worldwide.

Utilitarian-Humanism is a life stance incorporating two philosophies in which the value of an object is based on the productivity that thing or object has to offer. With this in mind, an elderly person who has little to offer is of lesser value and thus should be allowed to die or only receive enough treatment to get by, but little else.

Sadly, this philosophy has spread globally leaving the elderly viewed as a burden. In watching a 1961 Audie Murphy movie, in which an elderly couple was treated with much dignity and respect, it is obvious that the moral stance of Americans has shifted over the decades, and not for the better.

John Boehner and most Republicans seek to make the plight of the elderly much more difficult by promoting cuts to Social Security and Medicare. With each discussion of balancing the budget the Republican party constantly seeks to cut Social Security, calling it an “entitlement” program. Being that Social Security is a program that beneficiaries actually paid for, it cannot be construed as an entitlement program.

Over the decades, the Democrats have supported a system of welfare that has destroyed the families of black Americans. Generations of people have subsisted from government housing, food stamps, vehicles paid for by DHHS, reduced/no-cost utilities and health coverage. These are the true entitlements with which Social Security cannot be confused.

Both Republicans and Democrats have drained the Social Security fund over the decades. Johnson, Reagan and Clinton all raided the fund over the decades to fund various activities such as the Vietnam war, cold war, and balancing the budget. But this plundering has left the fund in jeopardy.

While both parties have kept Americans divided along social and racial lines, debating sideline issues as though they were life-or-death, they have raked the monies from securing the future of elderly Americans. But fortunately over the past ten years many, many citizens have begun to wake up. And Americans have caught on to the trickery played by both of these obsolete political parties.

Each time a potential budget crunch comes up, threatening to close the federal government, politicians will stand and complain about entitlements. In 2013, when the government shutdown occurred, Republican leaders like Boehner railed on cutting social security and Democrats railed about taxing the wealthy. But neither party made one real suggestion for solving the budget crisis.

As we go forward, American citizens must consider an alternative means of solving the problem. Both political parties have thwarted balancing the budget and paying off the nation’s debt. Instead they only find ways to spend more and more of the borrowed billions that America now owes. Recently while negotiating with Iran, the American government pledged billions of dollars of borrowed monies to the nation who funds islamic terrorists.

As you go to the poles to vote, consider third party and independent candidates. The two divisive parties have placed our nation in jeopardy and it is time for a true change. In addition, while you look at the ballot, think of your parents, or yourself, who one day may need Medicare and Social Security. After all, time does not stop for anyone, and you will one day be old too.
independent & 3rd party candidates - a phrase coined by the Lomax Report