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Kidnapped Girl Reported Dead; Sex Trafficking; Sex Slavery; NXIVM, Boko Haram; Jeffrey Epstein

July 27, 2019 – Christian organizations have issued statements in response to reports that a teenage Christian Nigerian girl, kidnapped last year – 2018, has been killed while in captivity. In February 2018, sixteen year old Leah Sharibu was kidnapped by muslim group ISWAP – a sect of Boko Haram, along with at least 100 other little girls. However, groups have been unable to confirm the reports of Sharibu’s death. A report from muslim groups have said that Sharibu is now dead. It is known that muslims constantly use Takiya, a practice of lying to one considered to be an enemy, and because of that, the reports of Sharibu’s death may be false. Investigations are underway to find out if the kidnapped girl is still alive.

Because Boko Haram is constantly kidnapping little girls, concerns of kidnapped girls being sold into sex-slavery are called into question. It is known that in the muslim religion, marriages to little girls is common-place, however the male is said to withhold sexual penetration until nine years old. Until a little girl turns nine, a practice known as ‘thighing’, is implemented. Thighing ‘refers to 'rubbing [the penis] between the legs, while fantasizing about penetration, as an alternative to sexual intercourse.’

Over the past months, sex cults and sex trafficking have been revealed globally. Recently, billionaire Jeffery Epstein, has been arrested under suspicion of sex trafficking little girls, and some have raised concerns of his confirmed ties to former high-level politicians. Also, the NXIVM (pronounced NEKS-ee-um) cult has come to light, also in regards to sex slavery and sex trafficking. Some have questioned if these trafficking cults are suppliers of breeding stock for muslim men who have infiltrated various nations around the globe, such as the EU, United States and Great Britain. The concern is that little girls kidnapped around the world are being sold to trafficking agents in order to resell to muslim men for sex slaves.

Leah Sharibu