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Newtown Info Released, Again Mental Health Issues Found

March 29, 2013 – Information released from the shooting rampage at Newtown, Connecticut revealed that Adam Lanza had untreated mental health issues. Lanza was described as an avid ‘gamer’ that played very violent video games and had pictures of dead people in his room. The governor of the state said the incident is “unfathomable” and “difficult to understand.”

Lanza, an apparent jobless 20 years old, was a recluse who had receded into a dark world. That world included violence in video games as well as other mediums. No information has been released showing that his mental health issues had ever been treated by professionals.

Again gun control advocates are using the publicity of the incident to push for government banning weapons, others are pushing for registry. However, all put forth by the control advocates will restrict law abiding citizens and not deal with the root cause issues of mental health care in the country.

Groups like the Gun Owners of America and NRA have fell victim to negative statements recently, following the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. However none of their critics have put forth meaningful ideas on controlling violent, mentally ill people. Groups on both sides of the gun control issue are at odds on handle situations like this. President Obama is pushing for gun control legislation as his administration continues to favor the U.N. on arms regulation. Many U.N. supporters and supporters of the far left are crying out for the government to at least control, if not seize, all weapons owned by law abiding citizens. No word yet on how illegal guns owned by felons will be regulated.