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brownhome.png Republicans turn on Trump supporters


An analysis of the 2016 election cycle and the Republican party.

April 5, 2016 – If past performance is an indicator of future actions, then the Republican party is in big trouble. For decades the ‘conservative’ party has been anything but conservative and proven to be a huge part of the problem. RNC insiders have chosen a path of political cronyism and forsaken their grassroots supporters in order to achieve political structure and play in global power games.

During the last Republican administration, the George W. Bush years, Republicans controlled the House and the Senate for much of the time. During that period Republicans did little to push forward the agenda and concerns of the bulk of their supporters. Concerns like jobs, trade and so on were pushed aside to invade Iraq with, what was later proven, an unwinnable strategy. During that time new EPA standards regulating your washer, dryer and ceiling fans was put into place, but rebuilding of national infrastructure was nowhere to be found.

During the W. years no-compete bids became the order of the day. Huge firms and new names came to the forefront of the news; names like Blackwater, Haliburton and so on. Many names that the ordinary, working guy and gal were not familiar with. Also, Jack Abramoff proved that Washington’s career politicians – on both sides of the aisle – were able to be bought like potatoes at a farmers’ market. Tom Delay was a congressman from Texas that was front and center of the Abramoff scandal, and other ‘conservatives’ within the Republican party fell because of payoff scandals.

All throughout the W. administration, Republicans played hard with the evangelicals in the U.S.A. in order to sustain votes and support. Firms like American Family Radio were seldom critical of anything the George W. Bush administration ever did, and their talk shows were always ready with excuses. Other radio favorites like Rush Limbaugh were also ready to carry the water for RNC insiders throughout the years of Bush,-Cheney. During the eight years that Republicans held the White House, much like the Obama administration, issues facing families were seldom addressed.

During the Bill Clinton reign, the Social Security fund was rolled into the general budget of the government. This made it appear to balance the budget and gave congress more control, and yet more spending power, over the monies that Social Security had amassed. For decades and decades Social Security ran surpluses, which congress and several presidents were more than willing to take and spend. Even though the message for decades was ‘Social Security is about to fail’ the truth was, it was running a surplus. All the while both Democrats and Republicans continued to spend the money like drunken sailors. Now presidential candidates like Ted Cruz are crying to do away with Social Security, instead of insisting that the money be put back. And they dare not mention that rebuilding the manufacturing sector would quickly put Social Security back on firm footing. So far only Donald Trump has acknowledged that Social Security is fixable and has expressed a willingness to do what it takes to fix the problem.

When it comes to other issues, like Jobs and Trade, mostly political rhetoric is heard. Bad trade deals and the incessant obsession with creating a ‘North American Union’ have led to a business environment that has broken the manufacturing sector of the U.S. By renegotiating trade people would begin paying in once again into the Social Security system. Also by having numerous jobs, the economy of the nation would quickly rebound. When analyzing the Trump plan, one finds that it would be a win-win situation for both government and citizens. Trade balance would assure that Americans have jobs to return to each day and provide a future for future generations – similar to that of the 1950’s. But political insiders like Clinton, Cruz and Kasich fail to give details that would provide growth in the manufacturing sector.

Throughout the George W. Bush administration, seldom was heard a word about issues of evangelicals. Except at election time, RNC politicians seldom take action on Pro-Life issues, which has not played well in that sector of voters. This may explain why Donald Trump has garnered support among evangelicals. One leader among Christians said in a radio broadcast ‘We talked to them and they listened. But unfortunately, they learned ‘Christian-speak’ and we only hear from them at election time. Between elections we seldom hear from them and they do not return our phone calls.’

Many other issues have also seen the Republicans shoot themselves in the foot. After 9/11 Israel offered to help us learn to secure airports without invasion of privacy. They were turned down and now we have a series of groping and scans at any airport in the U.S. When Donald Trump suggested that a temporary halt be placed on immigration until better vetting procedures were put in place, career politicians like Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz seemed to join forces to condemn the idea. However, here of late, Cruz has been campaigning on just that. And the issue of internet professionals shutting down ISIS network capabilities was met with equal resistance and the same flip. Cruz originally called Trump’s idea counter to American values. Since that time he has again flipped on the issue and is calling for the same. When it comes to the infamous ‘Trump wall’ Cruz and Clinton again seemed to be on the same track with condemning the idea. Now Cruz is stumping for border security. The Republican career politicians seem to have trouble finding their ‘true’ stance on security.

2015 and 2016 have seen a phenomenal election cycle begin. Donald Trump has garnered support from most every corner of the country and from almost every walk within that nation. Latinos, African Americans, Native Americans, Asians and so on have come out stumping for Donald Trump. Educated, less educated, employed and non-employed, alike have come out in support of Trump because of the potential for a turn in the tide in America. Unfortunately, the RNC has chosen to turn on their own.

Explanations like ‘they’re just angry’ have been used to dismiss, and turn away voters who support Donald Trump. No one has ever seen a political entity turn against potential voters like the Republican National Committee’s career politicians. It appears that RNC insiders have chosen to tell Trump’s supporters to go to the back of the bus and shut up. And this attitude will prove to be the undoing of the Republican Party.