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REBUILDING AMERICA: Steps To Restoring America To Strength and Power

The past fifteen years has been a period of sharp decline in the U.S. economy. The citizens of the nation have been sidetracked by numerous issues and divided along social, economic, political and racial lines. The Republican and Democrat parties have both promoted these divisions as the sovereignty of the U.S. has eroded; and the nation slid toward social globalism. The only divisions between these two parties are how we get to total globalism. The Democrat party (via the “progressive movement”) wants us to become part of this euphoric society through the socialist programs of the U.N. while the Republicans want globalism through socioeconomic policies of the World Bank and IMF. However, there are steps that can be taken to reclaim the U.S. and re-establish our sovereignty and economy, the first couple of which should be implemented simultaneously.

1.    BRING MANUFACTURING BACK TO THE SHORES OF THE U.S.: During the 1950’s the United States was the global leader in manufacturing. Americans made everything with the best quality and the U.S. dollar was valuable. American families prospered and had money to buy homes, travel and so on. Great times were had in the 1950s in the U.S. as our products were sought worldwide.


Have you tried to buy outdoor power equipment lately? An all-American-made portable generator or power washer is virtually impossible to find. Briggs & Stratton has moved the manufacturing of many of their small engines to China. Kohler engines are exclusively made in China. Honda assembles some here in the U.S. but they are not “made” in America. So how do you bring manufacturing back?


a.    Work with industrial leaders to entice them to move their manufacturing back to the U.S.

b.    Revise the tax code so that small, medium, and large businesses can flourish in the United States.

c.    Give tax breaks to those who manufacture here. Impose penalties thru lesser tax breaks for goods imported by American manufacturing companies. The more people employed by a company, the better the tax breaks. These working Americans all will pay taxes and more than offset any breaks given to companies.

For those who will say “we can’t compete with the cheaper labor of China and Taiwan” I would say this: our standard should not be that of slave-driven sweat-shop labor. We have a history of paying a living wage to workers in American factories. We should not strive to lower our standards; instead, we should expect these nations to raise their standards. Civil Rights activists rage on inequalities here in the U.S. but gladly fill their homes with cheaply made goods manufactured in sweatshops and forced labor camps in third and fourth world island states. How hypocritical.


a.    Reagan, Bush, Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama have all given Preferred Trading Status or Free Trade Agreements out like candy to kids. Third and fourth world countries now enjoy sending their inferior products to the U.S., and unfortunately Americans drool at the chance of filling their homes with products made in sweatshops and forced labor camps. American made products have historically been of better quality and more durable.

b.    NAFTA has been a disaster, and no evidence has been given that proves the standard of living has been raised in Mexico as a result of NAFTA. This trade agreement must be restructured.

c.    Re-impose tariffs on imported goods period. Third and fourth world countries should use our goods if they want to send us their goods. Fair trade should be enacted.

d.    Trade agreements should no longer be made in secret. The idea of cloaking everything under the guise of “national security” has been abused and should cease immediately.


3.   REIN IN THE EPA: Simultaneously we must rein in the EPA. Extremists at the Environmental Protection Agency have bought into flawed science of Global Warming. At the dreariest time in our preset economic crisis, while our nation was bogged down in two wars, the EPA was pushing legislation to regulate the type of light bulb you are allowed to have in your ceiling fan. Really? There was nothing better to do?

a.    The EPA has stagnated manufacturing in this country. A worker at the Wisconsin Motors plant said they now only build larger engines. He went on to say that the EPA has made it virtually impossible to manufacture a small engine in the U.S.

b.    The EPA has been used by globalists to impose taxes (carbon taxes and more), and land-grabs for the U.N. as part of their wetlands protection and other programs.


4.    FOREIGN AID REDONE: We give other countries billions and billions of dollars that we have borrowed from other nations. Foreign aid should be trickled down over a five year period until it ceases. Once our economy and nation is clear of debt, and infrastructure rebuilt, then and only then should we begin handing out money. But, next time it should be done much more responsibly.


5.    WELFARE TO WORK: In the 1990s during the Bill Clinton era a program began that expected welfare recipients to either hold jobs or go to school. We must reinitiate that program. Generations of people have been raised in housing projects in the U.S. without a sign of advancement. The system has broken the American family and impoverished many. These people should be given hope and a future, not by more handouts, but by empowering them to be trained for jobs and then assimilate into the working culture.



6.    RESTORE THE AMERICAN DOLLAR: Fiat currency has historically never succeeded. The Federal Reserve should be audited, held accountable, and closed for good. Money should be returned to the Treasury Department and restored to the gold standard. The American dollar would then return to its status in the world as the money most desired.


7.    CLEAR THE DEBT; Once manufacturing and trade has been stabilized back on the American shores, those new jobs will create revenue for the government. This money should be used to pay off the nation debt. John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi ramble about getting on a track to a balanced budget. With these methods, the budget will not only be balanced, but debt would be paid off.



8.    ELDER CARE: From Europe comes a humanist philosophy that believes the value of something is determined by its productivity and usefulness. This utilitarian-humanist philosophy is driving cuts to Social Security and Medicare. The elderly have a wealth of experience and wisdom; and a nation that cares for their elderly has integrity. It is foolish to send untold billions in borrowed money to foreign countries in the form of foreign aid, yet not care for the elderly. Elder care must be strengthened.


9.    REBUILD THE NATION: With the debt gone and the government living within its means, the federal government should focus on rebuilding the infrastructure of the nation. Roads, pipelines and electrical grids can be updated and modernized to be set for future generations.


10.  FEDERAL OVERSIGHT: Our nation has given up much financially from fighting two wars and also lost many liberties because of the Patriot Act following 911. The NSA has taken to spying on American citizens and the IRS has played political games, both of which are totally inacceptable. Also the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya was overrun leaving Americans dead and as of this writing no one has been held accountable. The Federal Government itself has to be reined in with oversight by congressional committees, which have tools necessary to do the job.


11. CONGRESSIONAL TERM LIMITS:  Too many middle class citizens are elected to congress, only to serve a few terms and come out wealthy. Congress should be allowed to only serve two terms with no retirement other than paying into Social Security like anyone else. They should also only get the healthcare the American citizens have. No special treatment should be allowed.


12.  END LOBBYING: Congress is elected to serve and represent the citizens in their district, not the special interests. Too much money is allowed to flow in the form of contributions and other means that sways congress and leads to corruption.


VOTER RESPONSIBILITY: The hard work and hard choices that George W. Bush and Barak Obama has never been put into action. The two political parties dominating the political climate should be voted completely out. The Democrat and Republican parties have both conspired to destroy the nation. The American voter should put their vote where their mouth is and seek out third party and independent candidates who truly love American want to restore the nation. The Lomax Report coined the phrase a couple years ago called “i3p” promoting independent and third party candidates. The i3p phrase has been tossed around occasionally on other websites. The Democrats and Republicans have systematically divided our nation along social, economic, and racial lines which has left the citizens weak and distracted. It’s time the American citizens get themselves together and get rid of these two defunct, obsolete political parties.