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Pregnant Woman Sentenced To Death In Sudan For Christian Faith

May 15, 2014 – In Sudan various reports reveal that a Christian woman has been sentenced to death in the country of Sudan. The sentence was handed down on Mothers’ Day and also sentences her to 100 lashes. The death sentence is set to be carried out when her child is two years old. The charge is based on the fact that the woman refuses to renounce her Christian faith and convert to islam. She has also married a Christian man.

Fox News, The Christian Post and other news organizations have reported the sentence, which is a continuing onslaught against Christians in the nation of Sudan. In the 1980s and 1990s Frontline Fellowship, a Christian ministry, has smuggled medical aid and Bibles into the nation to help those who are being tortured because of their refusal to convert to the muslim religion. A documentary entitled “Sudan: The Hidden Holocaust” showed much of the brutality the muslim religion has brought to the region and is being mirrored around the world, even as American presidents Bush and Obama proclaimed the religion to be peaceful and respectable. Frontline Fellowship has also worked to smuggle food to Sudan because the muslim government in the nation will not dispense foreign aid shipments to non-muslims. In France Brigitte Bardot has faced thousands of dollars’ worth in fines for criticizing the islamization of France. Bardot’s speech has been called “racist” even though she never referred to skin color, only religious preference and concern.
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