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POLICE STATE: Is America Headed For Martial Law?
An analysis of trends happening now.
December 15, 2012 – It doesn’t take much to see that the world is beginning to reel out of control. Turn on the nightly
news and you’ll see such atrocities as the recent shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut. In other stories you’ll
see famine, financial collapse and extreme civil unrest in nations around the world. But what about the United States?

In the past couple of years we have seen rise to television shows such as Doomsday Preppers, Conspiracy Theory with
Jessie Ventura and now the internet version of the TV Alex Jones show. In searching the net you’ll even find a site on
prepping sponsored by the LDS (Church of Jesus Christ, Ladder Day Saints) which tells how to store food and water much
like you will see on the Doomsday Preppers episodes.
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The United States was settled and formed by strong people with a will for freedom; freedom from religious, political and
economic tyranny. One of the founding leaders said “People who would trade liberty for security deserve neither.” But as
the decades have rolled by our nation has indeed traded liberties and freedoms for false senses of security. In the 1980s
a fear of war with the U.S.S.R. and strong talk from our president kept us in fear with a false sense of security. If Russia
had dropped the “big one” our military would have indeed responded fiercely, but many American citizens would be dead
and dissolved in the wake.

Survivalists of the 80s were mostly comprised of extremists groups, many of whom appeared to be burn-outs from the
1960s who killed one too many brain cell with booze and dope. But today’s survivalist is something like the neighbor next
door. Instead of the “survivalist” mentality of the 80s they are survivalists in the sense of preparedness for some type of
upset in the nation. But what unsettling event has caused even the LDS to host a website on prepping?
Lately in the news we’ve heard of the Fiscal Cliff that our leaders seem to be thrilled to shove us off. Political games on
both sides keep our citizens scared, divided and controllable. Special interests such as NOW, PETA, environmentalist
groups and even pharmaceutical companies have the Democrat party controlled. Corporate America seems to have the
Republicans controlled and neither is willing to budge for the better of our country; only for the special interests that control

In the 1980s and 1990s both Republican and Democrat presidents worked on what is now officially titled as “Agenda 21,” a
United Nations plan for the 21st century. Commonly called Sustainable Development (a sly nickname) the plan eventually addresses everything from gun control to multi-cultural philosophy. Aspects of the plan, which is readily available on the U.N. website, could eventually supersede the sovereignty of any nation, thereby creating a unilateral government, or one world government.

In order to keep a people controllable they must be divided. Our government seems hell bent on keeping the nation divided by political parties. But both parties are leading us to the same place. The only point of discontent is the question of HOW we get there. We are headed to the point of a globalist society controlled by a singular governing body, but how will we arrive? Will it be by the vehicle of the World Bank or International Monetary Fund? Or will it be through the social agenda of the United Nations?

While not a subscriber to much of the conspiracy world, the Lomax Report does take concern over items pointed out in an episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jessie Ventura. Episode #204 “Police State” in which the show revealed “Residential Centers” with barbed wire fences, playgrounds inside the camp for children and locked doors is very alarming. Although described as an open door facility, signs stated that no one can bring anything into the facility which could aid in someone escaping from the facility. The word “escape” blows the open-door statement by the directors out of the water.

FEMA has the nation divided into sectors, the same sectors which are assigned to select governors of states called “The Council of Governors” which is an actual governmental body. Lands around the nation have signs which state they are off limits by order of U.N. mandates and the Department of Homeland Security has installed Fusion Centers in each state.

Fusion Centers are responsible for “fusing” together bits of information and intelligence by linking all aspects of law enforcement from local police, county sheriffs, state police agencies, the FBI and so on. With a completed network, FEMA camps (Residential Centers) and information superhighways, one gets alarmed when considering the overall direction of our nation and our government.

The Lomax Report urges you to stay in touch with your senators and representatives, letting them know how you feel on issues. It is not enough to sit back and complain, but we must be active in our citizenship by staying in touch with our elected leaders.