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A&E Joins GLAAD In Discriminatory Practices: Duck Dynasty Now Shaky

December 18, 2013 Ė Today Yahoo News published an online article stating that A&E Network has suspended Phil Robertson indefinitely from future filming because of remarks he made to GQ Magazine. In an interview with the magazine Robertson paraphrased a scripture from the Bible that deals with homosexuality and commented on his beliefs as a Christian. Following GQís release of his remarks, GLAAD, a militant homosexual activist group, issued a backlash, condemning Robertsonís remarks.

A&E Network has suspended Phil Robertson indefinitely for speaking his personal beliefs. It appears that the network is going the route of extremism and political correctness-hypocrisy by sidelining Robertson to appease GLADD, no matter how offensive GLAAD may be. The issues at hand seems to be part of a larger debate going on in society.

By the first amendment one would think they have the right to free speech and to be able to practice their own beliefs. Over the decades extremist groups like GLAAD have utilized the first amendment to ensure their rights are heard throughout the country. However, like most Leftist organizations, GLAAD does not seem to want other groups to enjoy the same privilege. Throughout the past fifty years groups have struggled to ensure rights are maintained in America. However it appears historically extremist groups and Leftist organizations have always trampled the rights of others to ensure only their rights are maintained.

In the 1930s when Adolph Hitler assumed control of the Leftist Nazi party he quickly abolished free press and free speech in Germany. Throughout his reign of terror those who spoke ill of the Nazi party and Hitler were routinely shot dead. In Russia from the 1950s through the cold war era the same was true. If you agreed with the Socialists, you were ok. If not, then you were shot.

Itís interesting that as America is becoming more dominant by extremist and Leftist organizations such as GLAAD that the practice of stamping out the rights of others seems more commonplace. Bigotry against those of religion, especially Christianity, seems to be growing more rampant. Which truly reveals the motives and attitudes of such organizations; they have cried for their voice to be heard, their rights to be maintained, even at the cost of otherís rights and freedoms. How hypocritical.

The LOMAX Report urges you to contact A&E to express support of Phil Robertson's right of free speech.
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