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October 26, 2016 – The Green Party and their candidate, Jill Stein, made a series of Tweets regarding the investigation into the email scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton. In little spoken of news, information was released that nearly $500,000 changed hands to those who would be front-and-center in the handling of the investigation.

In an official Green Party Tweet which read “How much does it cost for the FBI to drop an investigation? If you're a Clinton, $467,500, apparently” a flood of attention was drawn to politicians involved in the money exchange. Stein has been hammering Clinton on scandals ranging from the email scandal to the Haitian scandal, in which watered-down medicine was filtered through the Clinton foundation to citizens of Haiti, supposedly for the prevention and treatment of AIDS.

Corruption has been no stranger to Hillary Clinton and her ties with the DNC. During the primary season it was found that DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had conspired with the Clinton campaign to thwart the efforts of Bernie Sanders’ supporters and keep Clinton first in line for nomination. Recently it was revealed that Wasserman’s replacement, Donna Brazile, has been involved in the same schemes of corruption. It has also come to light that the Clinton Campaign was front-and-center in campaign scandals ranging from the ‘Donald Duck’ debacle to paying criminals to perform violence at Trump rallies, a method referred to as ‘Bird Dogging’ by insiders of the DNC and campaign.
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