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Muslims Arrest Pastor for Christian Faith; Pastor Saeed Abedini Faces hanging Judge

January 24, 2012 Iran Ė A Christian pastor in Iran has been arrested for his faith and was given a quick trial on
Monday the 21st. His wife has pleaded for his life and the U.S. State Department has been virtually silent on the
issue. Pastor Saeed Abediniís attorney has only been given less than a week to view the case against him and
has, in reality, no time to prepare an adequate defense.

Pastor Saeed Abedini is a thirty two year old Christian who converted from islam to Christianity at the age of
twenty. He has been detained and warned in the past for preaching Christianity but released. This time he was
not released, but faces iranís hanging judge, who has been identified as an extreme violator of basic human rights.

The American Center for Law and Justice has issued a number of emails recently about the pastorís arrest. Recent
statements issued by the ACLJ state that Pastor Abedini believes he will be executed this time for his faith.

On Januray 23rd Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified on failures of her department to secure the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya. While concentrating on cover-ups of the departmentís failures, Clinton has been silent on this issue of human rights. Clinton has been a champion of human rights in some instances, but where Christian faith is concerned, she has remained silent. This leaves many to wonder of the Obama administration has a policy of silence where atrocities against Christiansí are committed. The State Department did express having serious concerns over Pastor Abediniís case, but stopped short of even calling for his release.

Recently it was discovered that the Iranian government has seized over $100,000 in an account that was designated to build an orphanage in the country. This is just one more instance of Iranís government having a callous attitude toward humanity and human rights. The bigotry of muslims against all persons of other faiths is evident in this, and other cases around the world.

The ACLJ has been an active voice on the matter, having sent email alerts to supporters around the globe. The group has also created a petition on the matter and thus far have nearly 100,000 signatures asking the State Department demand his release. On Fox News recently Jay Sekulow said that the pastor has suffered beatings daily while in the political prison. The prison is known for being one of the worst in the world and is used for political prisoners in cases such as this. For more see the link below.