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March 12, 2017 – As Europe’s globalist open door policies continue allowing muslim ‘migrants’ in, those muslims still work to forcefully overtake the nations. Over the past several decades muslims have vowed to overtake every nation for islam, and by any means necessary. In January footage released shows muslims in Paris rioting, then cordoning off areas of the city, vowing they are now muslim only zones. This type activity has been found to be occurring all over Europe, while in other nations muslims have been bombing Christian settlements.


In the United States the Democrat party has aligned itself with many muslim groups, including trying to seat a muslim as chair of the party. The DNC has been overtaken by Progressive Socialist Globalists, who desire a one world social structure administered by the U.N., with open borders. The RNC has also had its issues with Economic Globalists, who desire a united world with a global economic and trade structure. Both types of globalists have shown to be willing to work with islamic groups, which many fear could cause unrest in the U.S. like in Europe.