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-exerpt from the movie "A Man Called Peter"
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January 22, 2013 - During the inauguration president Obama laid clear some of the agenda for his second term in office. Republicans
 have said that it is evident that liberalism is alive and thriving in his second term. Below are some of the items that the extremists
of the left have planned.

The EPA is getting more and more power under the Obama administration. Over the past twenty years the bureaucratic agency has
become more extremist as it pushes toward global supremacy. In the coming years the administration is focusing on creating extreme
rules for new power plants in the U.S. Even existing power plants will have new rules that will be created soon by the agency. The average
citizen can expect higher costs of living as the rules take effect because most likely the expense of complying with the new rules will be
passed on to consumers.

The left wing extremists are also strategizing to legalize some eleven million immigrants. The toll on such a huge surge of citizens will likely drain the social security fund and also Medicaid fund. The administration is vowing to push for measures to be taken for employer verification and also “skills based immigration targets.”

Another item on the extremists view is to continue the slow draw-down of troops in Afghanistan. While in the 2008 election cycle Obama vowed to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanisatan and bring troops home. No one dreamed it would take more than four years to do so. While failing to live up to promises of bring them home, the administration is considering efforts in other countries. The administration has not said if troops would be diverted to Moli instead of returning home. But the French government has requested assistance for the United States. More than like the Obama administration will ask the U.N. what to do, as usual, instead of making the decision. On its own the Obama administration has been hesitant to help fight muslim extremists in Moli. No word if the Obama administration will support the French or back the Islamic extremists.

Of late, the hot topics have been gun control and the next financial cliff. Republicans have continuously loaded pork into bills passing through congress while Democrats still will not submit a reasonable budget that does not bankrupt the nation. The size of government has grown over the past two administrations disproportionately. Gun control still on the administration’s agenda as the government seeks to appease the United Nations where arms are concerned.

Obama's Second Term: Left Wing Extremists Plans Rolled Out