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Despite New Findings Obama Presses Ahead With Global Warming Agenda

September 20, 2013 – Today Barak Obama pressed ahead on the leftist agenda on Global Warming by pushing new standards for coal-fired power plants. The new standards will almost halt any new coal powered electric plants being built in the United States in the future. Despite new findings that thwart the global-warming crowd, Obama is pushing ahead.

Recent studies have found that the earth has virtually not warmed any since 1997. And the prediction of all polar ice disappearing by summer 2013 did not happen. Instead a 60% increase in polar ice occurred, spurring an emergency meeting of the UN committee on climate change. Alarmists on the left have spent twenty years evaluating faulty data and given predictions of doom and gloom which appear to now be falling apart.

December 2011 a German environmental authority began notifying all major airlines that they would be issued “Carbon Certificates” which would have to eventually be purchased at a cost of over 3 billion euros. The cost would no doubt be passed on to airline passengers. Globally a push against carbon emissions has sparked debates as more and more people question the validity of the data and claims by global-warming alarmists.