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-exerpt from the movie "A Man Called Peter"
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September 23, 2013 – As America has endured a series of shootings perpetrated by untreated, mentally ill individuals, Barak Obama called for gun control. Using the DC Naval Base memorial as a stumping ground to promote political agenda, he said that Americans should not give up on the pursuit of gun control measures. However none of the Leftists who promote gun control have issued a proposal of dealing with the plight of mentally ill individuals who wander the streets aimlessly each day in the United States.


“I stopped to help a transient one day and found that she had just been release from a mental hospital in Texas,” said one street-interviewee, “she was crazy as a loon and there was nothing anyone could do; law enforcement’s hands are tied.”


Aaron Alexis, the shooter at the Washington D.C. naval base, had recently had run-ins with the law because he was acting strangely in public. At one time he had shot into the living room of a neighbor and had been kicked out of the military. In a call to police he had complained of being followed by shadowy figures and also hearing voices coming from his closet. Although he suffered dangerous mental illness, Alexis was left untreated and given clearance to the naval base as a computer specialist.


Leftist Pierce Morgan, who came to the U.S. to work for CNN, has continuously bashed the culture of Americans. He even proposes that the U.S. ban guns like Great Britain, who happens to be the global leader in violent crime among its citizens. Recently a muslim terrorist used the favorite weapon of criminals inGreat Britain, a knife, to slit the throat of a British military soldier. Morgan and other Leftists did not call for a ban on knives.


On the heels of violent actions by the mentally ill few politicians are calling for a revamping of mental health laws. Not much has been mentioned of extending more aid to treat mentally ill individuals like Alexis but the public is beginning to question the lack of interest. Many are calling for aid for the mentally ill instead of gun-control measures.


No word yet from the State Department if Alexis’ rampage was the result of a YouTube video.