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September 20, 2016 – Today president Obama gave his eighth and final address to the United Nations in which he spelled out the agenda for globalism in the future. In the speech Obama condemned those who hold to patriotism and nationalism as a crude idealists and hinted that globalism would be something to be enjoyed by the wealthy.

Obama told the U.N. “Religious fundamentalism. The politics of ethnicity or tribe or sect. Aggressive nationalism. A crude populism. Sometimes from the far left but more often from the far right.” The statement raised some questions as his hints seemed to bundle religions such as Buddhism and Christianity with that or islam, which has seen a large number grow toward terrorism. Some have expressed concern that globalists would wish to abolish religion as a whole.

“That’s a truism. That global integration has led to a clash of cultures. Trade, migration, the internet, all these things can challenge and unsettle our most cherished identities.” This statement would seem to allude that ‘Free Trade’ is a large part of globalism and that “migration" would be a reference and referendum that nations should allow open borders and accept refugees freely from muslim war-torn regions.

Also in the statement Obama alluded to the internet being an issue, which plays to the belief that the globalist agenda would be to implement controls and restrictions to the internet. Free speech advocates have become increasingly concerned at the Democrats’ stance on Free Speech.

During his speech Obama told the crowd that globalism would continue to grow rapidly. Over the past twenty years globalists of both parties in the U.S. have traditionally banded together to promote the agenda of globalism. Hillary Clinton, the Bush’s, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi and many more have clung together to promote globalism through the promotion of open borders, free trade and limited or no immigration reform. To many this is a huge signal that sovereignty of nations will decrease, especially that of the U.S.

During the current campaign cycle Donald Trump has garnered support from Americans who recognize the threat of globalism. Trump has constantly pointed out the increase of crime and drugs as a direct result of the globalist open-borders policies. Terrorism has also increased because of the globalist immigration policies which have been in effect for twenty-five or more years and weakened further by the Democrat administration. Trump has been leading in polls, much because Americans are awakening to the issue of globalism.
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