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January 13, 2018 - On Sunday January 7, 2018 police officers in North Little Rock, Arkansas were involved in a fatal shooting of an outlaw. Officers observed a vehicle driving at a high rate of speed and stopped the vehicle. Inside the vehicle were three black males, one of which was carrying a pistol and tried to kill the police officers who were involved in the traffic stop. In an effort to keep misinformation and distortions out of the issue, the NLRPD released video of the incident. However, that did not deter interference from outside the state. As in many other instances around the country, an attorney from Philadelphia came to North Little Rock and began accusing the North Little Rock Police Department of editing the video. However, the NLRPD has released the full version of the video, rebutting those false claims.


In other cities, such as Ferguson, Missouri, lawyers from other states immediately came before cameras making false accusations and stirring civil unrest. This tactic appears to be commonplace among what has been called 'ambulance chasers'. In Ferguson, it was finally determined that the police shooting there was justified. However, that did not deter those seeking a quick buck from stirring civil unrest. Typically, those in the 'civil rights' movement come to an area of unrest, take donations and sue for settlements, then disappear.



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