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Gay Orlando Terrorist's Wife Claiming To Be Retarded; Is Special-Ed To Blame?

June 20, 2016 – Today it was discussed on Fox News that the wife of the muslim Orlando nightclub shooter, Noor Salman is actually retarded. Her middle-school teacher came forward and reported that during her middle-school years, Noor Salman was a special-ed student. The teacher said that Noor Salman was slow to learn, therefore must not be capable of aiding the muslim terrorist in his act. The FBI has not confirmed that the ability to say the ABC’s and do numbers are qualifying characteristics of muslim terrorists. ISIS has not issued any statements on the retardedness of Salman. Noor Salman, although now claiming to be retarded, drove her husband around to places like Disney World to case the place for a terrorist attack. After gobbling gube, he then decided he did not like doing that, so he went on a killing spree in a gay nightclub in Orlando. To date, Omar Mateen has been the only gay terrorist to come out of the closet. Data is not available on the number of ISIS supporters actually spend time loving on one another, but surveys are believed to show a large number have those tendencies.
Noor Salman:Terrorist Aiding Wife Claiming to be Retarded.
Omar Mateen: Gay muslim terrorist