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April 1, 2018 – This past week Noor Salman was found Not Guilty in aiding her husband to commit islamic jihad in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. In 2016 Noor Salman’s husband, Omar Mateen, went on a jihadist shooting spree after experimenting with the gay lifestyle and then quit it. In the aftermath it was believed that Noor Salman had driven with him to several potential jihadist locations such as Disney World and the night club that eventually became his target. Following the shooting, law enforcement questioned Noor Salman, but in her defense a school teacher came forward and said that she was slow and could not do arithmetic well. This eventually became the claim of Noor Salman’s defense team. The defense team plead that Noor Salman was too stupid to be a part of the jihadist plot. Following the first report of her ‘stupid’ defense, we began reaching out to find if the ability to do arithmetic correlated to islam. We have found that many islamists are sorely lacking in education but that does not seem to be determining factor on whether or not to murder other people. Anyway, the plea of ‘stupid’ worked well for Noor Salman and she was let off the hook for contributing to the islamic jihad in Orlando.


Over the past months Democrat and muslim supporting organizations came out defending Noor Salman, claiming that her arrest is based on her gender and islamophobia. Others have claimed she was abused by her husband, which contradicts the narrative that Leftists portray of islam, claiming it is peaceful and sweet. However they said Noor Salman had the mess beat out of her by her muslim husband and wasn’t mentally fit to stand trial.

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Noor Salman and her defense team after winning with the 'Stupid' plea