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Colleges Dropping Nike Over Kaepernick Ad Campaign

Just Do It, Colin Kaepernick, Linda Sarsour, Fatah, Sharia: How Nike created their own mudhole

September 10, 2018 – Recently Nike chose to begin its celebration of their ‘Just Do It’ campaign with an advertisement including Colin Kaepernick, the ousted NFL football player. The campaign is controversial because Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem at the opening of football games, when he was an actual player in the NFL. As a result of the Nike-Kaepernick collusion, colleges around the United States are ceasing to use Nike apparel and Nike branded equipment.

In the past Kaepernick has had dealings with Linda Sarsour, a radical sharia supporter and anti-America advocate. Kaepernick and his muslim girlfriend both appear to have ties to Sarsour, and some suspect the so-called protests are not at all about ‘civil rights’, but rather orchestrated as an anti-America campaign to undermine patriotism in the advancement of islamic sharia.

In street interviews, Lomax found frustration on the part of citizens:

“When they quit kneeling for the Anthem, I turned off the NFL.” Said one person interviewed. “I don’t have no time for no islam supporting radicals like that Sarsour lady and Kaepernick (sic)” said another when discussing the Nike commercial, Sarsour-Kaepernick and ‘Anthem Protests’.

In considering the move of radical islamists such as Sarsour, one must review the term Fatah: “Fatah (Arabic term for Infiltration, conquering, victory): immigrating into a country in numbers large enough to effect the culture, taking advantage of tolerant laws and accommodative policies, inserting the influence of islam. It is a slow, systematic and unrelenting method.”

Around the internet last week, people posted pictures of them burning Nike products and many swore to never buy Nike again. The move has thus far proved disastrous to Nike, and good for their competitors.