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Casey Anthony: The System Worked, Prosecutors Did Not
-exerpt from the movie "A Man Called Peter"
July 12, 2011 - Casey Anthony is a person that everyone loves to hate. There is no doubt that Casey is a liar and that she is highly
stupid by individual. While she appeared to those around her that she had a good relationship with her daughter she stupidly
concealed her disappearance. But in the case that charged her with murder, did the system fail or did it work?

Law enforcement and prosecution spend about three years investigating and building the case against Casey Anthony. They spent
tons of cash on what has been referred to as “junk science” to determine how Caley died. The lead medical examiner took the case
over in mid-stride making one wonder if she did it after realizing how much publicity the case was getting. All the evidence gathered,
while nodding in the general direction of her, did not point directly to Casey Anthony.

Most prosecutors probably would not have brought the charges against Casey that were filed. Because the evidence could not
implicate Casey Anthony in the death of her child, it could have tied her to the body. In a charge of murder, homicide or man-
slaughter you have to tie the accused to the death. However, in a case where someone is charged with something like Concealing
the Death Of A Minor, Abuse Of A Corpse, Obstructing Governmental Operations, or Filing A False Report, it would have been much
easier. Why? Because you only have to tie the accused to the body, not tie them to the death.

If the prosecutors and medical examiner would have left their emotions behind, and their egos, Casey Anthony would be going to prison. Instead she will be going home. So did the system work? Yes and No.

The system worked because the evidence could not prove that she was involved in killing Caley. But the system failed because she was not held accountable to the whereabouts of her daughter by concealing her death.

Many people are disappointed because she walked ‘scott free’. But blame for the failure in the case does not rest on the system, it rests on the prosecutors who failed to pursue justice, only their own egos.

And speaking of egos, Headline News network (HLN) has hosted Vinnie Politan constantly since the case began. Since the case ended the morning news is scattered throughout with Casey Anthony recap and the evening news show Prime News is nothing more than a Vinnie Politan rant on the case. Has HLN lost track and Vinnie Politan become obsessed? Possibly so. With shows like Nancy Grace and Jane Valez-Mitchell, HLN has become nothing more than a gossip network, not a true headline news organization. How sad.

The system worked, the prosecutors did not. It’s time to move on and hold those responsible for justice accountable for their lack of proper action. It is good to see Jeff Ashton retiring. He’s obviously past his prime.