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Abortion Back On Topic For Republicans: is it real concern or early election hype?
-exerpt from the movie "A Man Called Peter"
June 29, 2011 - After about more than a decade of silence or occasional lip-service only, Republicans have once
again taken up the topic of Abortion. It is an interesting note when you see that the election rhetoric is beginning
to ramp up already for the 2012 election cycle as potential candidates try to put their name before the public with
various issues. The question is, is the issue of abortion just another of those issues?

On Friday 6-24-2011 several GOP candidates appeared either in person or via Skype at the National Right To Life
convention in Jacksonville, Florida. A total of about five public figures appeared including Michelle Bachman and
Representative Ron Paul. But is this too little, too late?

During the George W. Bush administration the so-called conservative Republican party did nothing on the issue of
abortion and mentioned it little. For six years the GOP controlled both houses of congress, the White House and a
majority of support from the supreme court. During that time a majority of U.S. citizens supported either an end to
abortion or much tighter restrictions. However the GOP was silent at that time which leads some to question if the
current concern by GOP candidates is real or if it is early electioneering devised to ramp up votes from conservatives.

“All they’ve been doing for years is babbling about Iraq and not taking up serious matters at home” one person commented to The Lomax Report. “The economy, jobs, abortion, all that is important and they’ve let us down with just lip service and no real action” said another.

One candidate who does appear to have legitimate concern is Representative Ron Paul of Texas. Paul says he has delivered more than 4,000 babies and would introduce legislation which would turn the matter of abortion over to the states. Ron Paul appeared in Jacksonville via Skype and said that millions of abortions could be prevented by returning power to the states to legislate on the matter.

Ron Paul also told the crowd that abortion is the issue of the age and that liberty comes secondary to life.

During the meeting Michelle Bachman told those in attendance that she needed support in order to be elected and assure that Obama is a one term president. Others however, such as Ron Paul, do not seem stymied by trying to ensure that Obama is a one term president, instead are focused on getting the country on track, stable and sound.

“She seems to be only wanting Obama out and not focused on the country” commented one person to The Lomax Report regarding Bachman. “We need someone focused on the issues facing our country, not the same old political rhetoric” they continued.

Since his election GOP candidates and officials seem only focused on getting the opposing party out of office instead of leading the country in a meaningful way. One thing of interest is the momentum that Ron Paul garnered during the 2008 election cycle by staying on topic with issues that are important to the United States.