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March 02, 2011 - The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette ran an article in the March 1st edition, in the 'In The News' section of the front page. The article told of a 62 year old woman and man who, in the U.K., are unable to be foster parents because of their religious beliefs. The article stated: "Eunice Johns, 62, and her husband, Owen, canít care for foster children because they disapprove of homosexuality, Londonís Royal Courts of Justice has ruled, with judges concluding that Britain is ďa secular state, not a theocracy,Ē and laws protecting gays from discrimination take precedence over the Christian coupleís religious beliefs."

This article never mentioned just how this couple was discriminating against homosexuals by their beliefs. Instead it does mention that the couple wants to be foster parents, a practice that many perform world-wide. The Lomax Report believes that the U.K. courts are discriminating against this couple with anti-religious bias.

The concern here for the United states is that the homosexual movement has gained the ear of the Democratic left and some of the Republican right and now that discriminative behavior could begin here. It has been reported that the 'hate speech' legislation in Canada makes any pastor an outlaw who speaks against homosexuality.

Over the past twenty years the United States has edged constantly toward becoming a globalist society with many characteristics being similar to that of European countries. The wealthy are given special favor over the working class, with more and more burdens being placed on blue-collar families.

In 2009 Exxon Mobil and GE paid 0% taxes. Google paid only 4% while working class America is taxed at minimum of 23%. This taxation structure was similar to Europe in the Dark Ages, when the aristocrats would ride their carriages through the countryside and scoff at the peasants scratching a living in the soil, only to have it taken from them in taxation and robbery.

Some examples of the globalist movement are:

-Republicans supporting huge corporations who move manufacturing overseas.
-Democrats & Republicans supporting free trade with countries who despise the U.S.
-Democrats pushing the European model of health care & abortion.
-Tax cuts for the wealthy while taxing of the lower and middle class.
-Anti-religious bigotry, especially against those holding to Christian beliefs.

During the next election cycle the Lomax Report urges citizens to vote for third party and independent candidates, and tell the Republican party and Democrat party 'good bye'.
The Europeanization of America
-exerpt from the movie "A Man Called Peter"