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Jan. 31, 2011 – For twenty years now southern Sudanese have thwarted advances from the north to convert the region
to islam. Over the past twenty years villages have been plundered, their people killed or tortured for not converting to
islam. Much of the U.N. and other countries’ aid, much of it in the form of food, has been reserved for muslims only.
These actions have sparked underground movements around the world which have supported the south by smuggling
in food, arms, medicine and Bibles.

When the conflict begun only the very southern tip of the country was inhabited by Christians. Over the years the
Christian faith has grown in the region until about half the country, mostly the southern half, is predominantly Christian.
A few years ago a census was taken but the government did not release the numbers which referred to how much of
the population was now Christian.

Earlier this month an election was held in Sudan in which about sixty five percent of the eligible voters turned out. The
election was to determine if the south would secede from the country. 98% of the voters in the south elected to secede
and 56% of the north concurred that it was time for a split. The election was peaceful and thus far not allegations of
fraud have surfaced.

During the twenty years of war many villages were plundered. Mothers had their babies stripped from them and the children put into indoctrination camps. In one video about the conflict it was revealed that the attackers would sever mothers’ breasts so that they could no longer suckle their young. Many other atrocities were also documented, but mostly ignored by secular mainstream news and media agencies.
Click here to a link to 'Sudan: The Hidden Holocaust'. Note: The Lomax Report does not receive any payment for listing this video.
-exerpt from the movie "A Man Called Peter"