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Jan. 25, 2011 – Yesterday January 24th a freshman legislator in the State of Arkansas introduced a bill that requires the disclosure
of drinking water systems to disclose whether or not they are introducing mind altering drugs to the water supply.

Rep. Loy Mauch, R-Bismarck filed House Bill 1205 which requires the disclosure of the composition of chemicals added to the water
system in each community. The bill states that the regulation is necessary because “public policy discussions of the prospects of
adding lithium to the public water to alter human mood imbalances, and statin drugs to affect human cholesterol … have increased.”
The legislation also states it is in response to “water operators initiating the use of, halting the use of, and making changes in the
use of fluoridation products.”

Secure Arkansas Chairman Jeannie Burlsworth said the idea of adding drugs to water supplies has been discussed in a British
psychiatric journal. Also The Lomax Report notes that talk radio hosts have warned of this type of move over the past year. A link
is provide below to a public article that appears on Arkansas News’ website.
Drinking Water Additives: must be disclosed in Arkansas
Is your water safe now?
Link to article.
-exerpt from the movie "A Man Called Peter"