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Gun Ownership Under Fire: the left continues shooting at the right to bear arms
Jan. 24, 2011 - Today on World News Tonight a report was given stating that the past twenty four hours had seen
several shootouts with police officers nationwide. At the end of the report Dianne Sawyer said that experts say that
they are baffled at the sudden surge but note that readily available firearms are part of the problem.

Now in the report Sawyer, nor anyone else, commented on the responsibility of citizens of America to behave
according to the law. Instead the drive is to make a victim of everyone. For instance, the shooters are really victims
of the availability of firearms. And the police are victims because the shooters were victimized by society providing
too many guns.

One person commented to The Lomax Report that the lack of teaching responsibility to people in society has lead to
a rebellious nature seeping into our culture. With this in mind there appears to be a drive to deflect the attention away
from the responsibility of people and drive toward removing gun ownership rights from U.S. citizens.

In England the common person does not have firearms. One person told us that his daughter had contracted with a company in England for a two year project working on technology there. Many times her apartment, which was in an upscale neighborhood was burglarized. Once she even surprised a burglar and he was not concerned because he knew she had no firearms.

Have you every wondered why no other country has tried to invade the United States since the Revolutionary War? Because citizens themselves are armed and not only would the invading force have to contend with the military, but the citizens as well. Now thatís secure.

The biggest threat we currently have is not that law abiding citizens freely own firearms, but that our immigration policies are so lax that those who want to hurt America just waltz right in. Perhaps its time for the liberal left to offer solutions, not mere criticism. But they donít seem to be able to do that.
-exerpt from the movie "A Man Called Peter"