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Republicans & Tea Party Candidates Rake In Millions
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Jan. 23, 2011 - The Republican and Tea Party elitists in congress have freely received tons of donations from banks,
health insurance corporations and other major corporate interests recently. Much of the cash has flowed in to the
Republican chairman overseeing committees that oversee banking, energy and other key industries in an effort to
repeal laws that regulate their respective industries.

$2 million has been given to Ohio Republican John Boehner and Republican Eric Cantor of Virginia by major health firms
recently. During his 2010 campaign Cantor received another $5.6 million from corporate linked donors, including $2.4 million
from the finance, insurance and real estate sectors.

The total of this ‘legal bribery’ marks a 40 percent increase from 2008 which confirms that the stand the Grand Old Party
takes on issues is for sale to the highest bidder. At Cantor’s first 2011 news conference he signaled that business interests
would be a top priority for Republicans, including rolling back regulations. Even though the de-regulation that the Republicans
performed during the Bush administration are largely responsible for the present economic crisis in the U.S., Republicans appear
committed to doing whatever ‘Big Business’ tells them to do, even if it hurts the nation.

Key politicians were targeted for large contributions from corporations. Republican chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee Fred Upton received a mere $400,000 which is a 50 percent increase in his corporate donations compared to what he received in 2008. Chairman of the Agriculture Committee, Frank Lucas, R-Oklahoma, received $600,000 from agribusiness. And chairman of the Armed Services Committee Howard P. “Buck” McKeon from California received nearly half of all his contributions from the defense sector. It should be noted that the Armed Services Committee is gearing up to oppose budget cuts to their sector of the government.

Budget committee chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, received $1.4 million from banks, hedge funds and investment houses. The list of 'pay-offs' goes on and on.

Tea Party ‘conservative’ candidates received more than $11 million from the finance sector, insurance sector and real estate sector which confirms that Tea Party candidates are nothing more than corrupt Republicans in sheep clothing.

It should be noted that during the Bush administration Republicans deregulated much of the financial and investment industry just prior to the current economic crisis in the United States. This is the same policy/agenda that caused the economic slow down in the 1980s under the leadership of Ronald Reagan.

In light of what is taking place regarding investments Christian leadership should re-consider their support for the Republican party because the morals of the party is in such great decline. Certainly the financial and investment sector contributors will expect a return on their investment.