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Fight Over Murfreesboro Mosque Continues: 4 Vow To Continue
Life, liberty and the persuit of happiness.
Dec. 27, 2010 - Four people vow to continue the fight against a new mosque being built in their neighborhood.
County officials state that they cannot deny the mosque because of religious reasons, perhaps they did overlook
the public distraction it has become and could deny it on that ground. Several citizens have fought the building
of the mosque for some time and now the county is defending its position in court. While not able to endorse a
religion because of separation of church and state values, the county has chosen to defend building the mosque.
The taxpayers so far have coughed up $50,000 in county legal bills to defend their approval of the mosque being built. Just like "reverse racism" where minorities become the oppressor, this is a case of "reverse separation of church and state" where the county goernment is defending the building of the mosque that no one wants.

In a republic the mob doesn't rule, but the government is charged with the representing the wishes of those in their
district. Now that the issue of "religion" has come up the governmet at all levels seems impotent in proclaiming the rights of those that oppose islam or the building of a mosque in their back door. What if a honkey-tonk wanted
to build in the neighborhood? Could they discriminate against beer drinkers? You bet they would.