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Gay Day For Homosexuals Wanting Military
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Dec. 19, 2010 - Overriding the wishes of the public the U.S. Senate has repealed the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy of
the military. The policy was implemented in 1990s during Bill Clinton’s presidency as a way of allowing homosexuals
to serve without condoning the lifestyle.

Arkansas’ Senators Mark Pryor and Blanche Lincoln supported the measure, but Pryor only after a report was given
saying that it would not harm the military should the policy change. However the U.S. Marine Corps was the only

branch that reported that it definitely would be a problem and would cause casualties on the battlefield.

Pryor made the statement that the Senate is “supposed to protect the rights of the minority, not give them everything
they want.” However that seems to be the exact agenda of the Democratic left, to ensure that the ultraliberals in the
party get all they want.

Vowing to return the favor, Senator John McCain, Republican of New Mexico, said that when Republicans took control
in January that they would pay back the favor. However it should be noted that the party that Christians mostly favor,
the Republican party, had eight senators cross over to back the Democrats support of homosexuality.

Talk show hosts have noted in the past several years that Republicans give excellent lip service to the concerns of the Christian population, however seldom walk the line. “In the 1980s we took them in, they learned our talk and now know the things to say to incite us to action” one Christian talk radio host said in 2008. “They’ve learned our language and know how we think” so that they can play us.

Recent notes in the mainstream news mentioned that other countries have homosexuals serving in their military. Sweden was one that was mentioned in the past couple of weeks. However it should be understood that those countries are weaker that the United States, not an example to follow. With this change, the United States is slipping quickly to the level of second-world governments that endorse everything except morality.