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Congress Debates Tax Cuts While Holding Working Class Hostage
Life, liberty and the persuit of happiness.

Congress has kicked around whether or not to extend the tax cuts to the wealthy. Republicans have
taken their usual stand of protecting the rich even if it hurts the ‘peasants’ and Democrats are taking
their stand concerning earmarks and so on. Caught in the middle of the low-class power struggle is
the American working class citizen.

If congress does not make a decision soon, those who have been laid off will run out of unemployment
benefits here at Christmas time. And congress cares little about that, instead the concern is over
partisan deals. To have earmarks or not to have earmarks. To have pork or not to have pork. And being
that for the last eighteen years congress has sent more jobs overseas than a teenager has pimples,
work is hard enough to find as it is.

The problem with the issue is that neither of the big two parties are coming clean. The fact that the national
deficit is soaring and the national debt is constantly increasing seems of little concern to Democrats nor
Republicans. Both sides are only concerned about their own special interests.

In order to get the national deficit under control and to begin reducing the debt is to cut spending. The United States government has been on a fifty year spending spree like a crack-head blows money on Saturday night and as long as the powers that be can keep their hands in the till, nothing will change.

Time for new politics has come and in the last two elections the people have muttered. Every politician threw out the old ‘the people have spoken’ cliché, but have they? No, they only gave an inkling of what they want and that is new styles of leadership. Leaders who will quit the spending, leaders who are not corrupt and leaders who are concerned with the welfare of the people that make this nation.

In the 1980s Ross Perot gained attention as one of the first to challenge the status quo. Ron Paul made a decent stand in the 2008 elections and in this past election cycle moderate Democrats outpaced the liberal end of the party strongly. Perhaps in the next election a third party or independent will smoke the two political jokes (Democrat party, Republican party) and turn the nation around.