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Muslim Bomber Attacks Sweden
Dec. 12, 2010 - Saturday a muslim bomber set off a suicide bomb in Stockholm after leaving a voice
message saying that muslims are there and all over Europe. Though several people were injured,
only the bomber was killed. But this makes one question the public portrayal of the religion often laid
out by the Bush and now the Obama administrations. Both administrations have said that islam is a
peaceful religion.

The policy of the United States has increasingly been to have open borders and relaxed immigration,
allowing most anyone to enter the country. The southern border has not been closed and immigration
is at a steady flow all the while US leadership has said that we cannot profile people. New York
governor Michael Bloomberg has a ‘more the merrier’ attitude toward immigration and even supported
the muslim mosque being built in the footprint of the Twin Towers location.

Being that the above statement is obviously true, it makes one question just how smart our leadership is. And more so just how smart is the American public for continuing to elect people from the Republican and Democrat parties seeing that neither will take action to change how immigration works in the U.S.

The Lomax Report has noted that in the previous two elections, independent minded politicians have put increasing pressure on the two main parties. In the 2008 presidential election cycle congressman Ron Paul developed a strong following and could not be ignored by the Repubs and Dems. In this 2010 mid-term election cycle independent, non partisan politicians had strong support. Perhaps the common sense minded people are beginning to make changes again.

May God bless, and help America,

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